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Syrup makes an important ingredient while cooking various dishes. It is thick in texture and this viscous liquid is prepared by mixing sugar in water until entirely dissolved. In simple language, we can also say that syrup is primarily a thick solution that contains large amounts of dissolved sugars. We call syrup a viscous liquid because of the multiple hydrogen bonds that starts existing between the dissolved sugar. Some quick examples of syrups are cane juice, sorghum juice, or maple sap, corn syrup etc. Technically defining, the term syrup is used for all those viscous liquids that are generally residual and contain various substances including sugar and even other than sugars in their solution.

Syrups are of various types, one is culinary syrup or a simple syrup like a golden syrup, which is made with the help of refined crystallized sugar. These syrups are used for making beverages and adding a sweetening flavor in them. They are also used for making drinks at bars. In short, the syrups are highly used as a sweetener as fruit sauces, toppings, and preserves. Second are the flavored syrups that are made up by adding one or other flavoring matter to a simple syrup, such as orange and cinnamon water, etc.

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