In computing, A printer is a tangent, which makes an important human readable demonstration of the text or graphics on the manuscript, paper or other comparable physical medium. The globe’s first processor imprinter was founded in the 19th century, and was perfunctorily determined equipment, which was invented by Charles Babbage for his differentiation locomotive. An individual printer is principally premeditated to hold up personage or individual users, and may be associated with only one solitary processor. These printers are premeditated for short turnaround and low volume print jobs, that requires the most minimum set of connection time to manufacture a solid copy of a specified text.

 Although, they are usually dawdling devices that ranges from 6 to almost around 24 pages in a minute, and the price per every page is comparatively high. Whereas, few printers can print credentials stored in the memory card. Numerous other kinds of printers are significant for chronological reasons, or for other purpose users such as follows: Spark printer, digital minilab, billboard or sign paint spray printers, electrolytic printers, multiple barcode technologies such as inject printing and laser printing, as well as a microsphere and laser etching which has product packaging for industrial printers.
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