Microsoft created Xbox which is a video gaming brand. The original product was founded on 15, 2001. This is a high-tech device that keeps you engaged and entertained. It has features like milestone titles and buddy list like Halo 2 was introduced in November 2004, and is a best selling product video game and was also a worldwide famous online game for a year. It also has features like WI-fi, five USB ports and optical output device, GB hard drive and 4 GB internal stores. You can save all games you want on this device. It is also a very well designed device.

Xbox allows you to download and purchase games in various forms to the multimedia. 15 November 2002 first started worldwide online games and the service are till today continuing to play online games. Xbox smart glass is anĀ  intelligent deviceĀ  for windows phone, windows 8, Android and window server. This device has a digital buttons and a navigation keys like up, down, left, right. It makes it easier to control this device and also make you feel better to play many games with this device.
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