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Cabinets are used to store wide range of items such as kitchen items, crockery, LED TV, everyday use items, clothes etc. The design of a cabinet and number of shelves in it depend hugely on how you want to use that cabinet. Different kinds of materials are used to make cabinets such as wood, metal, plastic etc. wood cabinets looks very stylish and classy. You can get a custom made cabinet or pick up a readymade one which is available in the market. The cost of the cabinet depends hugely on its size and material used to build it. These days the trend is of furniture which follows straight lines. People do not want very intricate or showy designs as they become boring very soon. Also delicate carvings are difficult to maintain in comparison which straight furniture.

Kitchen cabinets form an integral part of each and every household. They are used to keep whatever goes inside a kitchen such as glasses, plates, spices, bottles etc. If you do not have lot of time to spare you can buy readymade kitchen cabinets from the market. You just have to drill them into the area you desire and your kitchen will look new and improved in not much time.

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Sweet Couch has more than 57 shops selling their cabinets.

Cabinets on Sweet Couch range from 275 to 345000. Some of the cabinets have discounts. The maximum discount you can get is 74%.

Along with cabinets, shoppers typically look for Tables, Lamps and Sofa.

We have latest cabinets from online shops Moha, Wooden Street and World Art Community.

Some of the most popular cabinets are Brown Cabinets, Knob Cabinets and Black Cabinets.

This month, the most popular cabinets are monarch kitchen cabinet, colonial farm storage cabinet and accent tv unit. read less

Cabinets - Barda sideboard

Cabinets - Barda sideboard | This midlength ultra compact ensemble is perfect for your kitchen essentials. Keep it next to your home bar, filled with unique glasswares or next to your...

Custom cabinet

Custom cabinet

Cabinets - Distinque bedside

Cabinets - Distinque bedside | Incredibly practical, this Distinqué Bedside is a finest example of a high end bedside. Made with a collection of premium materials, this is surely going to steal the show. An incredible fusion of modern day materials with the vintage feel.

Cabinets - Modular system conductive

Cabinets - Modular system conductive | Details A product designedand manufactured with meticulous care. Standard cabinet with four size of interchangeable drawers. Can store files, documents, papers, office stationery etc. All cabinets are provided with Central Locking System. Cabinets can be interlocked side by side or one on topof each other.

Cabinets - Tv unit

Cabinets - Tv unit | Material : Mango Wood Dimension : H 72 x W 72 x D 18 inches TV Unit with wooden panel having niche design and bottom console for DVD player ABOUT Furnicheer We feel pleased to present to you an assorted range of solid wood furniture and accessories painstakingly crafted and customized in-house by skilled craftsmen on state of art machinery. We...

Zig-zag cabinet

Zig-zag cabinet | Material : Combination of marine plywood & Teak wood Dimension : w 36" x d 20" x h 34" Look at furniture with a new angle Distressed white paint ABOUT Square Barrel Who says a barrel should be round? At Square Barrel, our motto is to create funky furniture that you can use to express yourself. Be it a bold colour combination or an unconventional...

Cabinets - Colmar sideboard

Cabinets - Colmar sideboard | This Solid wood weather resistant Sideboard is a true value for money as it is not just strong and sturdy for entire television set but also for your...

Mars cabinet

Mars cabinet | A Cabinet with its clean, contemporary, neat look is a perfect fit for modern office. This bookshelf features three spacious shelves that provide ample space for storing your favorite books, novels, files, documents and other display items. This beautiful bookshelf will retain its charm for a long time. This boo ...

Cabinets - Reclaimed small chest of drawers

Cabinets - Reclaimed small chest of drawers | Incredibly practical, this Reclaimed Small Chest of Drawers has 8 huge drawers to accommodate all of your 'must have' things.A super cool stuff for living room.This amazing piece made up of reclaimed wood is set to steal everyone's attention. Reclaimed wood is old and used out wood which we source from old houses and boats. NOTE: This product is...

Lounge cabinet

Lounge cabinet | ...

Cabinets - Bari small chest of drawers

Cabinets - Bari small chest of drawers | A multi-purpose piece that can easily be used anywhere from kitchen and living room to the hallway, it stores away your utilities without taking much space....

Cabinets - Fabro sideboard

Cabinets - Fabro sideboard | Incomparably structured with two broad shelves on either side of the sideboard, fabro fulfills your desire to keep your home organized in style. Structured...

Wicker cabinet

Wicker cabinet | Bespoke, functional, and practical, the Wicker Cabinet is handcrafted from white ash wood and woven cane.

Cabinets - Deruta sideboard

Cabinets - Deruta sideboard | Crafted with solid Sheesham with contrasting highlights and high functionality, this sideboard is chic and space friendly. With one side divided into three...

Jali cabinet

Jali cabinet | Smooth, clean form and a matte paint finish go a long way in storing things neatly. Sweet details like the latticed “jails”, where each panel is a different pattern, keep the design unique. Handcrafted from MDF Wood and Acrylic.

Cabinets - Zagreb sideboard

Cabinets - Zagreb sideboard | Carved from premium acacia high-quality metal handles add to its durability. Contemporary looks are compatible with most d_cor styles and high functionality...

Industrial cabinet

Industrial cabinet | This stunning cabinet is a perfect merger of classic vintage with contemporary modern. The drawer puller and the cabinet lock has been inspired by ancient door lockers. Made in wood with black metal detailing on the drawers and locks, this furniture is a statement piece.

Cabinets - Fuzuli sideboard

Cabinets - Fuzuli sideboard | This is Fuzuli Sideboard, which can be used for multiple for all your storage needs, be it your novels, crockery, ceramics or any other small amount of items...

ElegantÉ cabinet

ElegantÉ cabinet | Elegante Cabinet With Sheesham Wood Crafted By Fine Artists, Designed And Manufactured By Rainforest Italy In India.

Cabinets - Litera chest of drawer

Cabinets - Litera chest of drawer | Incredibly practical, this Litera Industrial Chest of Drawer has 18 huge 'alphabet' drawers to accommodate all of your 'must have' things.A super cool stuff for kid's room. Made in India, this amazing piece of vintage Industrial furniture is set to steal everyone's attention.

Hands cabinet

Hands cabinet | Get your hands on this extremely funky and quirky cabinet, which is sure to catch everyone's attention! Despite having a playful design, the cabinet is also ver

Zig-zag cabinet

Zig-zag cabinet | This funky Zig-Zag Cabinet makes you look at furniture with a new angle! A great and subtle addition to your dining area, kitchen, or living room, the cabinet c

Durham cabinet

Durham cabinet | Bold and Minimal. Durham Cabinet speaks for its utility from nook and corner, the storage solution can stand alone or work together as a set with media...

Cabinets - Saatly sideboard

Cabinets - Saatly sideboard | This masterpiece is truly worth a buy. Bringing home the goodness of urban opulence will surely would be a decision your wife would be proud of today. Keep...

Cabinets - Distinque 6 chest of drawers

Cabinets - Distinque 6 chest of drawers | Incredibly practical, this Distingué 6 Chest of Drawer has 6 huge drawers to accommodate all of your 'must have' things. Made with a collection of premium materials, this is surely going to steal the show. An incredible fusion of modern day materials with the vintage feel.

Cabinets - Turin sideboard

Cabinets - Turin sideboard | Modeled in acacia wood, keeping in mind the need for robustness and minimalism, turin sideboard is an imperative to your home. Sturdy design and two large...

Wooden drawer cabinet 80 x 35 x 65 cms

Wooden drawer cabinet 80 x 35 x 65 cms | The spacious cabinet has numerous shelves to place your important things and accessories, in a stylish and sophisticated looking cabinet. The elegant bar cabinet has a vintage design that would certainly add style and grandeur to your home. best quality cabinet, use in kitchen or living room, natural living tag with brand name available, long...
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