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Carved Lamps

Carved Lamps

Sweet Couch has more than 9 shops selling their carved lamps.

Carved Lamps on Sweet Couch range from 799 to 9000. Some of the carved lamps have discounts. The maximum discount you can get is 57%.

Along with carved lamps, shoppers typically look for Tables Lamps, Wall Lamps and Grey Lamps.

We have latest carved lamps from online shops Maayin, Mojarto and World Art Community.

This month, the most popular carved lamps are pooja creation handmade shopstone handi tipe lamp elephant carved decorative showpiece - 13 cm  (stoneware, white), carved swirl lamp and stone carved bed lamp. read less

Lamps - Never gets old wall light

Lamps - Never gets old wall light | A light much ahead of its time with large doses of modern style and glamour. A perfect addition to your fabulous abode!

Globe trotter's table lamp

Globe trotter's table lamp | This large table lamp has an openwork design resembling the shape of a globe. Inspired by a physicist who invented the gyroscope in the nineteenth century, this lamp features an antique rust finish, further enhancing the century it was inspired from. This can also be seen in the upraised lights that are in the shape of classic candleholders....

Lamps - Simplistic green pendant light

Lamps - Simplistic green pendant light | This green coloured pendent lamp is in line to match your high standards! Never give up on what you believe in. This lamp is your green signal, you're doing well!

Lamps - Artistic two edgy pendant light

Lamps - Artistic two edgy pendant light | When two's company, these pendants are the right fit for your space.

Lamps - Beating heart gold large pendant light

Lamps - Beating heart gold large pendant light | An ultra-modern hanging light that is so gorgeous, it will awe you and your guest with its beauty. This light comes with a gold finish.

Porcelain table lamp

Porcelain table lamp | A Lustrous Ceramic Base In A Classic Pot Silhouette With A Premium Quality Canvas Lampshade Radiates A Warm And Gentle Light. The Subtle Light Is Ideal For Bedtime Reading And Cozy Indoor Evenings. The Cord Has A Quick Access Switch For Easy Use. Its Minimalistic And Elegant Japanese Aesthetic Makes It A Great Addition To All Kinds Of Decor.

Lamps - Misty hills pendant light

Lamps - Misty hills pendant light | These 4 dangling lights are a wonder. It will transform your homes to a celebration of love and warmth!

Roman summer table lamp

Roman summer table lamp | A table lamp with a shade this attractive and the body this unique was built only to remind you that life is unique and full of mysteries. Love life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Lamps - Roman summer gold (amber glass & marble) wall light

Lamps - Roman summer gold (amber glass & marble) wall light | A sure to be hit in any room, our stunning wall light sits tight on a pristine marble base creating drama with its gold accents!

Lamps - Keepsake (blue) pendant light

Lamps - Keepsake (blue) pendant light | The sweetest kind of joy in your home is certainly to be celebrated under the loving glance of this beautiful pendant light in blue.

Effortless floor lamp

Effortless floor lamp | Effortlessly elevate the style and warmth of your home with our sleek floor lamp. Linen shades, a gold metal body and a marble base make this a win win choice!

Afterglow table lamp

Afterglow table lamp | Take home some glamour in this delightful lamp in gold metal & beige fabric! A delightful combination for any home. Enjoy the afterglow of all the compliments bound to come your way!

Lamps - Eye of the tiger (light gold) pendant light

Lamps - Eye of the tiger (light gold) pendant light | The unusual colour in this light creates a surreal effect. The glass has a light gold finish, significant of the mysterious and the elusive but the metal base cages it in. The result is a dreamlike image, a true work of art. If you want to inspire your home, this light would be a sure fit!

Ready set love table lamp

Ready set love table lamp | A beauty from our lamp collection another pastel piece that shows elegance with its graceful form. A collection of nests that lie together to welcome you home to yours, every night! Soothing, welcoming and the perfect tribute to family and home!

Modern gratification crystal table lamp

Modern gratification crystal table lamp | An elegant lamp that is geometrically cut to reassert its sharp lines and finish in the glass. Lampshade sit gracefully on top, awaiting its turn to light up your evenings. Luxury lighting at its finest, this crystal table lamp is sure to be a pure delight for your guests!

Lamps - Elfin dust pendant light

Lamps - Elfin dust pendant light | Feel the magnifique brilliance of this simple yet beautiful piece of lighting. This pendant light is like a bulb full of glittering gloworms, harmoniously gleaming in the dark.

Canvas table lamp

Canvas table lamp | An elegant and aesthetic canvas lamp with wooden base exudes muted light for cozy indoor evenings. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, the premium quality table lamp makes an ideal décor element in urban spaces. Extremely light in weight yet durable lamp has a quick access switch on the cord.

Steal of a deal floor lamp

Steal of a deal floor lamp | This lovely and smart floor lamp is modern and sleek with a silver finish and an attractive fabric shade.

29" cross current table lamp

29" cross current table lamp | Bring class and elegance to your room with this contemporary and tall table lamp. The use of iron, stainless steel, brushed nickel, and the fabric lamp shade gives you a happy medium between modernity and practicality. This is a reflection of how modern yet elegant designs and elements can have a large effect, be it in your living room,...

Lamps - 14" artistic (pink) pendant light

Lamps - 14" artistic (pink) pendant light | Light pink has an aura of pure superiority, this lovely pink pendant light is sure to draw all the eyeballs to itself and to your home.

Porcelain table lamp

Porcelain table lamp | A sturdy, lustrous ceramic base in a unique shape and texture teams with a cylindrical, organic canvas lampshade in an uber chic table lamp. This finest quality lamp radiating subtle mood-lighting is perfect for light reading and cozy indoor evenings. This Japanese inspired table lamp makes a wonderful addition to any urban space. The quick...

Old world charm table lamp

Old world charm table lamp | Enhance the look of any space with this classic table lamp that features three beautiful edison bulbs in flecked glass hurricane holders. Made out of iron and glass, this beautiful lamp in a torchiere style, casts light upwards. The antique bronze finish adds sophistication to a room's decor, as it's a blend between industrial and traditional.

34" forever zen table lamp

34" forever zen table lamp | This designer table lamp has a shiny steel finish and is a chrome plated. The pebbles add aesthetics and beauty, the lamp glams up your room with a warm glow of light bouncing off the pebbles. The lamp is black in color and the base is made out of iron with high quality Nickel-Chrome plating giving it a brilliant sheen and rust resistance. The...

Nature takes over table lamp

Nature takes over table lamp | Blatant beauty in stunning colours makes this fabric lamp shade a happy one. Use it in any room and cheer up your space.

Spring splendor table lamp

Spring splendor table lamp | A beautiful lamp that looks like it's fresh off the potter's wheel with its beautiful indent and shape. It's definitely not made with clay but it has been structured to give a beautiful artistic look with its fluid form and gentle curves. Its white lampshade states purity and elegance that moulds itself into the whole design.

Crossroad floor lamp

Crossroad floor lamp | An ultra modern designer floor lamp meant to warm your heart each time you look at it. The black metal body intersects itself in an intresing way providing a sharp contrast to the glass shades in 3 different sizes. A stunner for those who want more from life!

Canvas wooden frame lamp

Canvas wooden frame lamp | The classic box frame turned table lamp has an elegant lightwood frame. It’s white screens on both sides emits a subtle glow for mood lighting. It’s a perfect table lamp — lightweight, easy to carry and doesn’t require fixtures. The simple switch cord can be plugged anywhere. 

Lamps - Bowled over pendant light

Lamps - Bowled over pendant light | This light is simply rustic. The shade is beautifully finished in black shade and is subtlely contrasts with the inner shade finished in gold. This light will literally bowl you over!

Green vibrance table lamp

Green vibrance table lamp | Buy designer fabric table lamps online at great prices only at Serenity Blissful Living. Made from 100% cotton canvas these lamps are a beautiful and cost effective way to brighten up your home. The brilliance of the shade when lit creates a vibrant hue of warm green. Its time to add lots of green indoors.

Lamps - Reign wall light

Lamps - Reign wall light | A smart circular metal wall light ups the ante by a gold frame that surrounds it. Sleek and versatile, this is a head turner!
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