Cooktop is an assembly of burners for cooking, styled to fit onto a surface such as the top of a table.

Induction cooktops increases speed of cooking and protection and cleaning of induction cooktops is so simple that beats the glass and ceramic top stoves. Whereas other stoves heat food directly by putting an open flame or a hot surface to the cookware, induction cooktops use electromagnets to curb out the middleman and heat the cookware itself. The result is more evenly hot food and a cooler cooktop.

Cooktops help to cook healthy food for everyone, while saving fuel and energy. Unlike past gas stoves, these cooktops cook faster and easier, and create absolutely no fume. One can save a lot of cooking time and can spend this time with your loved ones.

Philips offers a variety of Induction Cooktops which requires zero use of a flame. Crompton Greaves is another superb brand to offer high quality induction cooktops. Glen offers glass cooktops which are a sign for aesthetic style and design.

Without fire, the induction cooktops offers a safer cooking solution. With multiple levels of power, induction cooktops help cooking more efficiently and precisely. One can make all kinds of dishes in less time. These can be easily obtained online as well.
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