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Sweet Couch has more than 94 shops selling their planter.

Planter on Sweet Couch range from 150 to 21388. Some of the planter have discounts. The maximum discount you can get is 56%.

Along with planter, shoppers typically look for Decorative, Pots and Lamps.

We have latest planter from online shops Aatachi, Objectry and Greymode.

Some of the most popular planter are Green Planter, Grey Planter and Pots Planter.

This month, the most popular planter are wall planter stand (square), planter and pen stand | intro. read less

Small black bicycle planter

Small black bicycle planter | Description : This small bicycle planter is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect to plant your favourite succulent! Use it as a decor piece in your living room! Perfect for gifting too! Specifications : Material : Metal Color : Black Product Size L x w x h in Inch : 9 x 4 x 6 Handmade & hand painted Please Note : Pla

Square planter

Square planter | Dimensions : 127 x 127 x 96 mmCare : Clean with a non abrasive sponge.Shipping & Returns : Dispatched in 12-15 business days. Returns accepted within 3 days of delivery.For customisation in terms of size, finish or material or to place a bulk order, shoot us an email.Designed and handcrafted in India

Stainless steel planter 2

Stainless steel planter 2 | Details STAINLESS STEEL PLANTER 2

Hanging planter frame

Hanging planter frame | There is something about Wood and Green. The combination is excellent, any Planter, Pot or any element used with Plants if made of wood gives it so much extra charm. This product wished to let you have that satisfaction. Wooden Planter simple and straight rectangle frame. Size: 23" x 13" x 7" Inches

Stainless steel planter 1

Stainless steel planter 1 | Details STAINLESS STEEL PLANTER 1

Elan looks-like-leather planter

Elan looks-like-leather planter | planters, garden pots and planters, planters pot, vertical garden planters,wall planters, railing planters, hanging ceramic pots and planters balcony, outdoor planters, railing, metal ,succulents,planters garden pots and planters planters pot vertical

Planter - Brown and beige mountain

Planter - Brown and beige mountain | The Brown and Beige Mountain Planter is a beautiful work of pottery. The planter is perfect to support a small bushy plant. It is also a perfect design for a Bonsai owing to its shallow depth. The dimensions: Diameter of Mouth – 5.0 inches Breadth of Mouth – 4.25 inches Depth of Planter – 2 inches Max Width at Base – 9 inches Height of...

Eco-friendly polka planter

Eco-friendly polka planter | Product Description: Welcome some greenery indoors using these eco-friendly handcrafted planters made using the Channapatna technique of lacquering wood. These can be placed on your tabletop or hung vertically on the wall. The Eco-Friendly Polka Planter comes with a water sprayer so as not to damage your walls. Q Factor: We bring to...

Hanging planter – 2 brown 2 clear

Hanging planter – 2 brown 2 clear | Product Description Something for your plants or your flowers. Something to brighten up a grey day or a grey mood. The Hanging Planter is perfect for your balcony or window. For city flats and spacious old bungalows. Who doesn’t like a bit of green around? The Eco-friendly Hanging Planter is great for small spaces and big. 4 bent glass bottles...

Planter - Railing bucket with butterfly

Planter - Railing bucket with butterfly | Product Description Revive your gardening hobby with this Green railing bucket. The best feature about this bucket is that it can be hung from railings and you can add a touch of nature within your home too. It is an essential one for those who love to decorate the interiors of their home with creepers and small plants. The striking Green colour...

Unravel india hand made stoneware planter

Unravel india hand made stoneware planter | Choose from a wide variety of garden planter designs for your plants online at best prices. Shop Unravel India Wooden Gond painting Wall Mirror online.

Planto ss planter

Planto ss planter | Details The PLANTO consists of a 316 grade stainless steel planter on a galvanised plinth. The planter is available with or without seating. Seating is formed by hardwood laths on two sides of the planter, or by a bench around the top rim of the planter. Options: Custom sizes available No seat, seat on two sides, seat on top rim (570mm high...

Planter - Wonderland tulip with plastic pot (set of 2)

Planter - Wonderland tulip with plastic pot (set of 2) | Set of 2 : Wonderland a trusted name in Home & Garden Décor brings to you these beautiful artificial flowers in pot. Beautiful Yellow Tulip flowers in the pot are a must have. This is made of best quality material, wood, PP & fabric. The flowers look as real as they can be and the pots also have plastic stones / gravel to give them a real look....

Unravel india ceramic elephant green table top planter

Unravel india ceramic elephant green table top planter | Choose from a wide variety of garden planter designs for your plants online at best prices.

Anatomy planter

Anatomy planter | Resin planter with metal skeleton.

Oval planter

Oval planter | Details Material: Stainless steelCross section: CircularDimensions (l x w x h): 43; 60; 78cm (h)Diameter (mm): 500; 700; 900 Dimensions: 50 (dia) x 43cm (h) 70 (dia) x 60cm (h) 90 (dia) x 78cm (h)

Planter - Fliss-long

Planter - Fliss-long | Fliss desk planters make stylish Green-ing up of your shelves or desktops a fun and easy thing to do. Serving dual function of being planters as well as organisers, they also are an excellent rendition of Spin’s design principle of making functional and friendly products.  Dimensions (Inch) -W11.5 x H3.5 x D5 Ships wit

Nurturing green indoor plant zamioculcas in self watering planter

Nurturing green indoor plant zamioculcas in self watering planter

Pomp it up planter

Pomp it up planter | Shop Online Pomp It Up Planter from the home decor items of Vajor collection. COD Available

Stainless steel planter 3

Stainless steel planter 3 | Details STAINLESS STEEL PLANTER 3



Planter - Pen stand | intro

Planter - Pen stand | intro | A modern crafted concrete rack where your pen point sits itself with other office stationery , placed by your work-space

Hanging planter

Hanging planter | Set of 3 Glass Jars for plants which need only water. Sold without the Plant. Add some greens to your Living Room, Bedroom or any part of your Home. This Planter is meant for greens which need only water (like money plant). You can also just use them with artificial flowers, or use it as a flower vase. Come and indulge

Tabletop planter

Tabletop planter | Product Description A simple yet elegant set of planters to spruce up any table décor, and bring greens in your space. Set consists of two spherical planters and a stand. Size : 7.5” x 3” x 3” Material : Stainless Steel Weight : 350gm Days to Dispatch : 4 Days Designed By : Linchpins Design

Classic planter

Classic planter | Care : Clean with a semi dry cloth.Size :  3.5D x 4HShipping & Returns : Dispatched in 5-7 business days.For customisation in terms of size, finish or material or to place a bulk order, shoot us an email.Designed and handcrafted in India

Mr. owl planter

Mr. owl planter | STYLE TIP : Our personal favourite piece! Love the cuteness of the owl planter. Wait its not just a planter it can do so much more – hold all your pens on your desk – tooth brushes in the bathroom – cutlery at the dinner table. Quite a multi-tasker. Isn’t it? The planters come with holes at the bottom, to allow water to drain out. Colour...

Planters (set of 2)

Planters (set of 2) | Material: Crafted of metal, Galvanised Finish, Handcrafted with real copper edges. Usage: Use as a planter or as a stationery holder. Dimensions: Small 7.5x7.5x2.75, Large 8.5x8.5x2.75'' Care: Hand wash only and leave to dry nat

Planter box

Planter box | Frequently Asked Question Q Why Should I buy this - I have black thumbs! A. With the internet and trying to take the perfect selfie - our beloved greenery can feel neglected, we know! But we promise you

Planter - Barrel

Planter - Barrel | Product Description Add some crackling fun and beauty to your space with the Midi-Me Cracker Barrel. The beautiful gold-accented planter with an edgy tray can be used to liven things a bit up. This planter is deep and is great option for a desk or a windowsill. Care Instructions : Concrete is a fragile product, avoid jerk. Wipe dry with damp...

Hexagon planter

Hexagon planter | Material : concrete Dimension : 7.62cm X 7.62cm X 7.62cm Flawless geometric planters to keep your landscape within, sanded to perfection to create a gift for any occasion or simply for your own garden. The planter includes plant. ABOUT Karan Desai From company ideation rooms to corporate office blocks and family homes to private getaways, the...
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