Slicer comes among the most important accessories in kitchen that are used daily. From slicing vegetables, fruits or boiled eggs, you certainly need this one product to simply life. Variety of slicers ultimately helps you in cutting your vegetables in different shapes to make your dishes more presentable. This accessory is mainly used to cut, chop, dice or slice salads and vegetables, creating a different look out of them. It is always imperative to opt for a stainless steel slicer for a better performance.

However, quality plastic is also used to make this product. If you are planning a party, and want to surprise your guests with the presentation of the delectable dishes you have prepared for them, you definitely need a nice slicer to start with. You can make use of your creativity to come along with some alluring ideas to use this product to the most. Different types of cutters are used for different vegetables and fruits. However, you can also buy the multipurpose cutter that comes in a set. The boiled egg cutters are also different from those that are used for vegetable cutting.

Marble cheese board with slicer

Marble cheese board with slicer
Rs 2200
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