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Sweet Couch has more than 7 shops selling their upholstery.

Upholstery on Sweet Couch range from 542 to 8700. Some of the upholstery have discounts. The maximum discount you can get is 25%.

Along with upholstery, shoppers typically look for Tables, Lamps and Decorative.

We have latest upholstery from online shops DDecor, Atmosphere and Freedom Tree.

Some of the most popular upholstery are Green Upholstery, Grey Upholstery and Pink Upholstery.

This month, the most popular upholstery are flannel, retro and honey. read less

Upholstery - Flannel

Upholstery - Flannel | ₹1,515.00/mtr

Shade upholstery fabric

Shade upholstery fabric | Stark and effective, checks in gentle tones of grey give a modern twist to a vintage pattern.The soft water coloured lines give this upholstery fabric a light look

Cactus in splendour upholstery fabric

Cactus in splendour upholstery fabric | Truly beautiful, bright and light. What an amazing show these blooming cactus are! Apparently the flowers bloom only for a day. But now you have yours for as lo

Upholstery - Retro

Upholstery - Retro | The fabric takes you down memory lane with its spritely visuals and colors. Recapturing the images of one of the most playfully classic eras of the 60’s and 70’s, Retro Metro showcases images of vintage cars zipping across winding roads.

Upholstery - Honey

Upholstery - Honey | ₹716.00/mtr

Peach splendour upholstery fabric

Peach splendour upholstery fabric | Timid yet striking, this fabric is simply stunning. The mellow peach with the stunning flowers makes for a beautiful picture in any home. Bring the outdoors in

Energetic elegance upholstery fabric

Energetic elegance upholstery fabric | The deep dramatic tone of green will give your room a spring of energy. Whether it’s a chair or a sofa, this upholstery fabric is going to look fresh.

Upholstery - The great plains

Upholstery - The great plains | A fabric reflecting the ever-changing panorama of colors, where the earth meets the sky at the horizon.  

The elements air upholstery fabric

The elements air upholstery fabric | An airy pattern that is toned with beautiful shades of blue..

Upholstery - Incana cotton yardage

Upholstery - Incana cotton yardage | Material: 100% COTTON Size: W 60 IN Care Instructions: GENTLE HAND/MACHINE WASH IN COLD WATER. DO NOT DRY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT Color: BLUE/LIME

Tropical paradise upholstery fabric

Tropical paradise upholstery fabric | This digitally printed fabric is a classic example of Colour meets Calm. The elegant Flamingos stand still against vibrant palms while the flowers do what they

Upholstery - Honey

Upholstery - Honey | ₹716.00/mtr

Upholstery - Honey

Upholstery - Honey | ₹716.00/mtr

Geometry upholstery fabric

Geometry upholstery fabric | The perfectly balanced geometrical pattern is beautifully represented with the gentle interplay of colours. This upholstery fabric combines blue and orange to create a great setting.

Upholstery - Exotic marigold

Upholstery - Exotic marigold | The swirls of burnished colour celebrate the unfolding of the petals of the marigold flower. Painted strokes in many hues, a mélange of yarns create a fabric of mystical depth. 

Rhythm upholstery fabric

Rhythm upholstery fabric | The soft orange tone on a white background make for some great upholstery. Cheerful yet subtle, your room will brighten up without the extra drama.

Peach paradise upholstery fabric

Peach paradise upholstery fabric | Rest among the art you love with this artistic Peach Tropical Running Fabric. Use it on your sofa or on a chair, and give your home the positive makeover. We h

Upholstery - Painted sky

Upholstery - Painted sky | The sky is an endless canvas on which colors are tossed upon. The pure, yet uninterrupted pattern stretches seamlessly across the field of vision, with colors reflecting off low hanging clouds. 

The elements wind upholstery fabric

The elements wind upholstery fabric | Black and white palms swing against a vertical grid of lines in this upholstery fabric. Give your home a sense of movement without being unsettling.

Upholstery - Honey

Upholstery - Honey | ₹716.00/mtr

Upholstery - Pine forest

Upholstery - Pine forest | With the veils between the worlds lifted, this magical transition from dawn to dusk captures the passage of time. It is as if day and night are lyrically represented by the warp and weft of this fabric, a journey along the mystic mountains.

Blue paradise upholstery fabric

Blue paradise upholstery fabric | Cheerful and uplifting this upholstery fabric is a tropical paradise.

Aqua upholstery fabric

Aqua upholstery fabric | Cool and calm this collection is perfect for the summer. The soft aqua blue is highlighted by the contrasting black creating just a little drama. Whether it’s a chair or a sofa, this upholstery fabric is going to look fresh.

Upholstery - Feather dance

Upholstery - Feather dance | As the light catches the movement of the opalescent feathers dancing to the rhythm of color, it is a sight to behold.  This mesmerizing visual is translated into fabric that shows the luminous luster of turkey feathers

Orange paisley upholstery fabric

Orange paisley upholstery fabric | Ornamental in design, the shade of orange on this upholstery fabric has a luminous glow without being to bold.The beautifully designed paisley is delicate yet subtle adding an elegant look to your room.

Upholstery - Honey

Upholstery - Honey | ₹716.00/mtr

Indoor lush upholstery fabric

Indoor lush upholstery fabric | An outstanding water colour illustration in stunning shades of green gives this upholstery a sense of mystery and charm.

Upholstery - Fresh strokes

Upholstery - Fresh strokes | The bubble like strokes are a spectacle, endlessly fascinating as they rise irrepressibly. The radiant and crystalline clarity are the essence of this fabric.

Upholstery - Sands of time

Upholstery - Sands of time | Reminiscing a time gone by that is embedded in our memory, this fabric with its interlacing of yarns forms a rhythmic movement that transports us back in time. 

Nature takes over upholstery fabric

Nature takes over upholstery fabric | Blatant beauty in stunning colours makes this fabric a happy one. Use it on your sofa or on a chair, and give your home the positive makeover. We have lovely c
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