Brooch is a typically a decorative jewelry item that is precisely designed with intricate designs and gemstones to be attached to the garments in order to hold them closed. This piece of accessory is mainly used with ethic wear and sarees. It is usually made of metal, often silver or gold, but sometimes bronze or some other material. They are often used as an ornament. Brooches are included in the bridal jewelry collections that we often get in the online shopping portals.

This accessory is available from the days of Bronze Age. The fashions in brooches have quickly changed in the past few years. Designers are continuously experimenting with the brooches to make it an indelible part of the women’s jewelry.

In the early historical days, when men used to wear a big piece of cloth to cover their body, this accessory  became necessary to fasten both the ends of the cloth and hold it together. With time, several changes are being in the brooches to further beautify it. Even today, brooches are used by many women to pin up their sarees and ‘dupattas’.  You can get this piece of jewelry at any jewelry shop or you can also order to online to the online jewelry shopping portals.

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