Rings are an important part of every culture- be it Indian or western. From engagement to wedding to daily wear, this piece of jewelry is of utmost importance. Rings are probably found in the earliest times of civilization as well. This is not just a piece of jewelry that beautifies your fingers, but it signifies commitments and dedication for a relation you are in, that is why couples exchange rings during engagement and wedding. Different types of metals and precious stones are used to make this piece of accessory even more beautiful. Among this kind of accessory, you will find thousands of designs and style. Mainly for occasions, such as wedding and engagement, you can opt for a solitaire ring, with a large diamond in it. However, other precious stones are also used, such as emerald, pearl, ruby and alike. Different designs are also found among gold too. If you want to opt for sleek designs, you can get that as well. Sleek and slim styles are mostly preferred by women these days, as they need to rush to work every day.

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