Kids love to ride on toys and this makes an amazing category of toys that is known to the world almost over a century. Rather, we can say that there are hundreds and thousands of rides on toys that are presently available in the market. It all started with the pedal ride on toys, which became popular in the first half of the nineteenth century. Cars, jeeps, bicycles and tricycles became extremely famous among the children and since then, the toy brands have been introducing a new variety of these toys for the enjoyment of the little players. A wide variety of such toys are still operated by pedalling, whereas, with the technology advancement new power operated toys have also come on the market that run by the power of stepping action. These are the toys that are operated by using the battery power.

The Power Wheels jeep is for all the little kids out there, they come in yellow, silver, black, grey, blue, red, turquoise, purple and pink colours to give plenty of choices to both the girls as well as the boys. These jeeps are basically for the age group of three years and above, and they are operated by 3AA batteries. There are also various electric jeeps meant for the children above 12 years of age, so that every child enjoys the ride-on toys and their fun.

Orange jeep print innerwear

Orange jeep print innerwear
Rs 199
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