Ohhh! Your baby is having diaper rashes. How uncomfortable he must be feeling! The fastest and the most reliable method to give relief from the pain, is to apply some good ointment on those rashes. There are ointments that treat the diaper rashes overnight, while some take a day or two. For severe rashes, it is wise to use the ointment that the doctor has prescribed, while in normal cases, ointment having zinc oxide can be used. Because of the rashes, the soft skin of the baby turns red, tender and become sore.

When a tot wears diapers for long hours, then the area covered with the diaper do not get air and remains moist all the time. This is the big reason behind the redness of the skin in that area. To fade away the redness, ointment with zinc oxide composition must be applied on the rashes. Excess use of everything is also not good. Hence, the ointment should be applied as prescribed by the doctor or as directed on the cartoon of the ointment. These ointments should be kept at a room temperature and away from moisture and light. Although, these ointments are totally safe for kids, but still they should be kept out of their reach!
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