6 month old toddler starts recognizing music and develops an urge to create sounds. Introducing an infant piano is a wonderful idea because a musical piano around inculcates that desire to hit it for a baby. After reaching the age of two, they often pat their hands on the keyboard of the piano or make use of their little fingers to press the keyboard to produce music. They find it fun when different music comes out with their every pressing of the keyboard.

Whenever a parent is about to buy a piano for his little rock star, he should make sure that the surface of the instruments is painted with non-hazardous paints, as many kids have the habit of licking every toy.

On television, they notice how elders play the piano and then imitate them. Despite of the sound not being that melodious, they enjoy playing it still. Hence, a kid should be gifted a piano to explore his talent.

Piano symphony

Piano symphony
Rs 700

Piano symphony print night suit - yellow

Piano symphony print night suit - yellow
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