Kids learn by seeing, hearing or touching the objects in their early stages. Trays are the finest tools in guiding them to sharpen their skills. Child s learning experiences are endless and their curiosity lets them to grasp new things very efficiently. Trays pave the way to link spoken language with real life experiences. Trays impart knowledge by adopting new and interesting methods. Subject-wise training is essential for balanced growth of the child. Different trays teach subjects in a certain pattern for the child s overall development. They help a child in making hand and eye coordination, fine motor development, colour and letter recognition and so on. Magnetic twin play tray, jumbo veggie tray, junior identification tray with knobs, numerical shape tray, jigsaw lion donkey and chess are a few must-have trays for kids.

Under the guidance of adults, trays are designed to teach alphabetical recognition, classification of various shapes and measurement concepts, problem solving attitude to overcome any challenge, learning about different colours and much more. Trays are so attractively designed; it becomes difficult for a child to resist playing and having fun with them. It gives child opportunity to enhance concentration power as well as let them to experiment with different shape and sizes of different colours, thereby increasing their ability to go to the next step of writing without any assistance.

What you sow, is what you reap , to start as early as possible, give your ward a chance to lead the crowd.
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