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Men's T-shirts are a unisex clothing garment which is named after the letter “T” as it resembles the garment. The T-shirt is a staple clothing piece and is owned by my each and everyone. T-shirts are generally made up on cotton fabric, which is super comfortable and easy to wash and maintain the look of the fabric.

T-shirts are also commonly called as t-shirt or tee. They come in different colors and patterns and has so many varieties to choose from. T-shirts usually come in round-neckline and V-shape neckline. T-shirts with short sleeve and round neck were first designed and introduced. The v-neckline was later introduced so as the neckline of the t-shirt doesn’t show when worn underneath outer shirts.

T-shirts nowadays have become the favorite items when it comes to marketing and advertising the brands of co-operating offices, hotels, schools, and shops.

With evolution, different styles and patterns have been created and given a whole new look to the basic t-shirts. Black color tee and white color tee are suppose to be the “ Basic Tee” and is said to be the most loved clothing items as it goes with anything when paired together. Later on, Block t-shirts, where 2 to 3 bold color are used make a tee came in fashion. Nowadays, printed tee are in fashion. Sarcastic / Happy / Sad quotes printed on the tee has become a trend now.

Different sleeve length and styles give a whole new look to the basic t-shirts. The sleeve where a color different from the rest of the t-shirts is attached which is called the raglan t-shirt and is very popular amongst men and woman

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