Care for our loving pets has become a hard-line pursuit for all of us. Pets are the image of our care and affection. These chosen ones are close to our heart and the responsibility for their well-being and nutrition is ours. Selection for dog foods and prediction of required nutrition is mind boggling for us. But this web portal helps all responsible owners by providing them one step solution for their dog’s food. Apart from ample of other foods which may rich in fats and proteins in the market, Jerky is something which is not something you can ignore when it comes to dog food.

Jerky is a ready-made meat which doesn’t need any additional preparation for pet’s food. Jerky is basically a meat, which is trimmed of fat, cut into discrete strips and dried to prevent spoilage of meat for long time storage. This drying of meat includes the addition of salt to prevent the bacteria development on the meat before sufficient moisture is removed. It can be stored for months without refrigeration.

Markets may offer many other jerky, but they may be oxidized and spoiled due to lack of expertise in their making. Pedigree, bow Jerky, chomp, etc. are world known for their proficiency in pet’s nutrition. This list also suggests you to choose from chicken’s meat or fish jerky.

Goodies chicken meat jerky 60 gm

Goodies chicken meat jerky 60 gm
Rs 180
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