The jutti is a kind of footwear which is particularly common in North India and neighbouring regions whereas as the fashion is getting global now, so, it s a popular article throughout the world. They are conventionally made from leather and with ornate embroidery, in actual with gold and silver threads in bygone days. Besides Punjabi jutti, there are a range of indigenous varieties as well. At present Amritsari and Patiala are handcrafted juttis, and they are exported all over the globe. Juttis have developed into several local design variants. Though at large, left and right feet are both same and over period form a shape of the foot.

They typically come with a flat sole, and are alike in style for both men and women, except that for men they have a sharp absolute nokh or tip curved upwards like conventional moustaches. Some of the juttis for women have no back part. Still with shifting times juttis have remained a part of formal wear, particularly at special occasions. There is a wide range of juttis these days which are usually made from soft leather and are carefully embroidered with threads or decorated with beads.

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Brown juttis

Brown juttis
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