Masaba Gupta
Masaba Gupta – though this name is new to the fashion world, but within a short time span, she crafted her prominent position in the world of fashion. The designs of Masaba attires reflect an Indo Caribbean combination. The sarees having pockets are no doubt an odd invention, but this invention was appreciated by a lot many famous personalities and celebrities.

The Masaba Gupta outfits are admired because each and every outfit reflects her fashion cuts, colour sense and artistry. The patterns that are commonly found in Masaba Gupta s designer dresses are cow, roses, telephone, camera, polka, fans, Tamil scripts, auto rickshaw and many other unusual designs. These prints are popularly known as Masaba prints and they make the dresses amazing and extraordinary. When one wants to get noticed even in a huge crowd, she can go for the collection of Masaba Gupta.

Masaba designer attires are getting out of stock very quickly because girls are getting crazy about them. The patterns used are chic and elegant. The colours used are vibrant and vast like canary yellows, black, white, bottle green, aubergines, paprika red, deep aqua, etc.

Masaba Gupta has designed for the present generation some coats, gowns, sarees, trousers, tops, robes, skirts, lingerie, shorts and jackets. Modernism with Indian touch can be seen only in Masaba designer dresses. One more interesting factor of Masaba attires is that they are very affordable.

Masaba handblock printed fabric –

Masaba handblock printed fabric –
Rs 249

Baby pink printed anarkali set

Baby pink printed anarkali set
Rs 24000
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